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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

EC2 -- Elastic compute cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides scalable computing capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Using Amazon EC2 eliminates your need to invest in hardware up front, so you can develop and deploy applications faster.

Computer, machine, box, PC, Server = As per AWS terminology - Instance

Ex 1: Launch windows instnace
Step 1: Login to AWS

Step 2: Choose a region that is near? ( Asia pacific - Mumbai )
Step 3: Services -- EC2
( If any keypairs -- delete )
( If any security groups - delete, except default )

Services -- EC2 --- Launch Instance 

Stage 1  -- Select AMI  ( Note: Select free tier eligible ) Win Server 2012
Stage 2  --  t2.micro
Stage 3   --  No of instances  --  1
Stage 4  --  Storage - 30GB ( Observation - we have root - it is same as C Drive)

Stage 5  --  Add Tag --  Giving name to the machine 
        Add Name Tag
        Value - MyWindows
Stage 6  -- Security group  --  ( It deals with ports )
        We have 0 to 65535  ports
        Every port is dedicated to special purpose

        RDP -- 3389
        SSH -- 22
        HTTP -- 80
        HTTPS - 443

        For windows machine , we need to open RDP port  ( Remote Desktop Protocol )
        He by default , we have RDP

Stage 7     Just observe the warnings, Just verify the options, Launch
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Create a new keypair-- download key pair -- launch instance

We get the instance ID i-0dddc6c37c9dfb460
View Instances

Now, the new windows machines ,is having its own DNS Name, Username and password

We need to provide all the above 3 details in our laptop, so that we can connect.

We use an application called Remote Desktop Connection

AWS , gives us DNS name , username, it does not give the password.
Instead of password, AWS has given us pem file.
But, to connect to Window, we need password

AWS gives an option to convert .pem to password
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How to connect .pem to password

Connect to instance Get password -- upload pem file -- Decrypt

Open Remote Desktop
Computer - Provide DNS
User name -- Administrator
password -- c&$*LjvfdL

We are connected.

Lets check the hardware configuration
CHeck hard disk
Check Ram
You can copy paste file from laptop to win server !!

To disconnect, just close the remote desktop window.
Explain about Stop and reboot and terminate

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