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I guess there is no problem with asking. The question exists to challenge the candidate. Sure, you have to trust the company's loyalty. Do they "really" have a job to offer?

Are you afraid of giving free pieces of advice or free design?
But why pretend that you'll give them something really useful?

It might be a trick question. Maybe this company's current landing page is looking very bad but perform very well. Just think about it!

Now pretend you can give them something useful.

What is the question? A better landing page? The purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors to leads, customers, to make sells. For the company, it's a business matter (most of the time, a money matter). And they want you to care about the company.

So, how to do a "better" landing page?
Thanks to the best design in the world? No, it's very subjective, and you don't probably know enough their market yet to tell what their visitors like or dislike.
By using the last PHP beta version, or Angular beta framework and making some cool animations in WebGL. Neither!

You first have to know what's wrong with the current one. Where are the metrics, the analytics that shows what fails on it?
Then start to make recommendations to avoid it, and propose a new page that tries to resolve it. Then go for A/B testing, compare the results and iterate.
If they are looking for a new idea for their design, goes on Google, search for "the most beautiful landing page" and talk with them about it.

I think that "making a better landing page", is more a process than a simple task that anyone could accomplish. Describe the process and don't fall into showing off only one of your skill that's already on your portfolio. They probably know you can code or design.

In summary, you can't build a better landing page on your own. You have to work with them, understand what's wrong with the current one, and share until the metrics say that the conversion rate is higher.

Hope it helps!

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