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re: Hi! I am glad to hear that! Bulma is really awesome! If you have an questions or need help with something feel free to reach out to me :) Also, I ...

That's cool! Feels like I inspired you, that feels good :D

Some recommendations:

  1. Change the page title, it should include your name. (Bit of SEO)
  2. You have a typo in the frontend box: "AngualrJS"
  3. When I move my mouse over the frontend, backend and tools, it turns to a pointer. I expect something to happen when I click on it, but nothing happens. Change the cursor back to default.
  4. The textarea in the contact form contains some spaces. Thus I can't see the placeholder.
  5. Maybe you should add a picture in the first section, next to your name.
  6. You might add a nav menu at the top so you can instantly jump down to a specific section.
  7. You should add some kind of phone and email protection against crawlers.
  8. Add OpenGraph tags so you can share your portfolio through FB,Twitter,G+.
  9. You should get rid of jQuery.

I like the play icon in the snake and ladder box :) Cool little detail.

Hi David,

Thank you very much for your recommendations, I will definitely implement them.
Once again thank you for helping me.

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