Discussion on: What's Your Fav. Dev Laptop? Why?

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We've got all flavours at home, but since the question relates to Laptops:
You'll see why I'm replying to Alberto M's post soon

I've got a Dual boot 17" LG doing nothing on a shelf. I won't be installing Linux on it, my experience with Slackware is that it is too alien in regards to left right mouse usage for this old dinosaur ( began with TRS-80's and Sinclair ZX's ) to adjust his muscle memory.

I use a 2012 MacBook Air for emails, general browsing, taking 3D visualisations in Sketchup/Blender to clients, and as a soundfont player when out and about with my (music) keyboard. Original battery, and still keeps 2 hours charge. Seven keys are unreadable after fingernail wear, the casing is warped and bent and scratched to blazes after hard and long use but this thing will outlive me.

The main coding machine (with the files the apps require in VectorGraphics, 3D Modelling & Video Editing) is done on a 2015 MacBook Pro. The main reason is it has FireWire input from some delicious old Video gear, I can't justify re-spending to latest specs.

When I eventually do it will be to a Mac Mini, mainly for ergonomics and clutter freedom on my physical desk. In the same vein I already use a Skull Canyon NUC for my audio Assets, so I do all my music production there, only because I have it anyway. If it dies I'll go back to the Mac ecosystem, I don't like certain things about WIN, but I'm no hater.

I find some separation of concerns regarding which realm I'm working in to be of advantage. If I need to export a file for other machine use there are easy OTA options.