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I've started noticing most of the things you mentioned and realized I'd grown past what the company wanted from me. My last straw was when I started replying to job interviews on LinkedIn and got a few offers with substantially higher pay. That was the point where I just knew I couldn't continue working there anymore. So instead of wasting any more time, I quit.


I’m glad that you took steps to get happier. May I ask how the new job compares? Like does it offer you other perks besides the pay increase?


Tech stack is also very important for me as I don't want to work with certain technologies. Luckily, I had many options to choose from, so it wasn't difficult to find something that fits my profile. :)
In my last job we've had to deal with quite a lot of poorly written legacy code with no prospect of refactoring/rewriting it, so it was a good change.

That’s fantastic to hear. Some people feel very uncomfortable refactoring code. Like many of my articles, I wrote about the emotional value of refactoring.

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