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Go Formatter

Tymoteusz Blazejczyk
Professional FPGA and Embedded Systems Design Engineer. Expert in a true modern FPGA development adopting the newest software development trends and patterns. Knowledge and experience in RTL/SW/FW dev
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Tired of using boring #Go fmt package?

Try the latest Go Formatter package today. It implements replacement fields surrounded by curly braces {} format strings similar to Python string format.


  • Implements replacement fields surrounded by curly braces {} format strings
  • Format string by providing arguments without using placeholders or format verbs %
  • Format string using automatic placeholder {p}
  • Format string using positional placeholders {pN}
  • Format string using named placeholders {name}
  • Format string using object placeholders {.Field}, {p.Field} and {pN.Field} where Field is an exported struct field or method
  • Use custom placeholder string. Default is p
  • Use custom replacement delimiters. Default are { and }
  • Use custom replacement functions with transformation using pipeline |
  • Under the hood it uses the standard text/template package

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