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Discussion on: Do you still work with jQuery?

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Tyler Smith

Alpine is absolutely amazing. It's become my favorite tool for adding interactivity on server-rendered apps that I build with frameworks like Laravel. And Alpine recently added an equivalent of jQuery's slideToggle(), which is the feature I needed most often from jQuery.

I'm not terribly concerned about the extra kilobytes I get from using jQuery. jQuery doesn't block the DOM from rendering, and it doesn't require activation bootstrapping the way that a framework would: it just needs to download and parse. It's very different than React where you can't render anything until the library is downloaded, parsed, and your app code executed. Even server-rendered React has issues with links not working until the app is fully hydrated.

Avoiding extra kilobytes is nice, but it's easy to go down a rabbit hole where we focus on reducing the kilobytes of JavaScript because it's easier to measure than other higher-impact UX like avoiding page jank, creating useful error states, avoiding responsive issues, etc. Alpine feels nicer to use in a lot of cases though!