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Congrats to the Deepgram Hackathon Winners!

Congratulations to everyone that won, as well as to those who...

The only 3 steps you need to mock an API call in Jest

Hi, Zak. this still don't make sense to me. I understand you ...

Working on Open Source Community Software Is My Job

Thank you Jeremy, You have always been helpful.

Toilet Keeper- Keep your toilet clean and keep your partner happy

Not to worry. the team will get back to you.

Break the Code 2 x DEV Chat

yeah, i got that, so in the teminal what do i type? how do i ...

Break the Code 2 x DEV Chat

I'm just stuck in the begining. i don't even know how to appl...

Setting up a Laravel project with SQL Server AND XAMPP / WAMP on Windows

do you mind help taking a look, i had this error Illuminate...

PHP Collections: Array to Map

Hi, do you have any idea how to get data from this array of l...

Web Push Notification with web-push | Angular & Node JS

the Payload is sent to the mail in the options right? and wit...

Phoenix Store ( Ecommerce Store Built with MongoDB, React.JS, Express and Node.js)


Using .env in NestJs

What is going to be in the forRoot() and when you mean create...

Path Aliases in Next.js

Enlightening boss. Good Job I'm proud of you.

Eager Loading: Fetching Associated Data with Sequelize

is there a way to achieve this without using "Include"

The Comprehensive Sequelize Cheatsheet

I need to figure this out to...