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Discussion on: The only 3 steps you need to mock an API call in Jest

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Momoh Taiwo Tyler

Hi, Zak. this still don't make sense to me. I understand you are mocking the axios right , and passing a value to it with the mockResolvedValue. but where i got confused is calling the getFirstAlbumTitle() but its not connected in any way to the value you are mocking and it seems like you are still calling the function normally as you did without the Jest.mock. How is it now getting value from the mock function.

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Zak Laughton Author

Thanks for the question! This confused me too, at first, and was a big driver for writing this article. This is the key part that explains it:

When you import a module into a test file, then call it in jest.mock(), you have complete control over all functions from that module, even if they're called inside another imported function.

axios is called in getFirstAlbumTitle(). Axios is not directly called in the test file, but the test file does call getFirstAlbumTitle(), which calls axios. Even though axios is called in a different file, it's still being mocked, because you set up the mock in the test file before calling the function that calls axios.

It might be clearer to see if we define the function in the test file:

// index.test.js
const axios = require('axios');

async function getFirstAlbumTitle() {
  const response = await axios.get('');


it('returns the title of the first album', async () => {
    data: [
        userId: 1,
        id: 1,
        title: 'My First Album'
        userId: 1,
        id: 2,
        title: 'Album: The Sequel'

  const title = await getFirstAlbumTitle();
  expect(title).toEqual('My First Album');
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This makes the connection clearer for the purposes of demonstration, because we can see we are importing axios, including it in getFirstAlbumTitle() function definition, then mocking it. When you import the function instead...

const getFirstAlbumTitle = require('./index');
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...axios is still being mocked, even though it's not called directly in the test file.