Governance in angular

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I don't know whether this really belongs here but I thought I'd ask anyhow. I'm writing my thesis on governance in open source software projects. It would help me immensely if one of you could answer this short questionaire concerning the development of Angular itself. Lots of thanks in advance!

Answer with:

0) Closed from outsiders (i.e. not part of the company), 1) Open only to an exclusive group, 2) Open to accredited individuals, 3) Open to any external observer

A) Who can contribute source code?

B) Who can test code contributions?

C) Who can accept code contributions?

D) Who can access the complete, live development version?

E) Who can impact work issue priorities?

F) Who knows integration status of code contributions?

G) Who can view the project roadmap?

H) Who knows release timing and content?

I) Who knows priorities of project issues?

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