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re: [...] it can also signal sexism Okay, but my point is, I can't relate to how that can annoy somebody. People make assumptions about others all th...

Part of the issue is that it's not something you have control over. You are able to control the way you dress, the way you style your hair, your posture, and other mannerisms.

There's also a difference between "Oh, you dress nice for a programmer" and "Because of your sex I didn't think you'd be capable of {x}"

Hopefully this comes across correctly. If someone can help me word this better, it would be appreciated

I don’t think it has to do with how one dresses. If someone acts surprised for a woman being a programmer it’s probably a sexist matter.

If someone acts surprised for a woman being a programmer, it can be anything. If they are surprised specifically because she's a woman, then that's still not sexism; it's statistics. If they are surprised that any woman is able to be a programmer, then yeah, that would be sexism.

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