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re: acme/acme2k: A lesson in sane IDE defaults. VIEW POST

re: A real, living, breathing ACME user??? 😻Amazing😻. I've wanted to meet one for forever. Pretty much since I tried to run Plan 9 and Acme on my Mac t...

A real, living, breathing ACME user???

Or so they say. ;-)

The mouse! The three button mouse! Do you have one?

I have a Logitech G402 which has an acceptably clickable (and durable) scroll wheel. I admit that Acme would be worth getting that old Pilot Mouse from the store room, but I won't do that.

same question but for using a laptop touchpad - does it work, can you do it?

Ha, I can't even use laptop touchpads for anything else. They are a nuisance to me. :-)

What sort of workflow do you find yourself using?

It depends. Sometimes I use Acme (acme2k, that is) for simple note taking (or writing articles), sometimes I use it to fix and compile code.

What activities are easier in Acme than in the other editors you use? Which are harder?

Multi-language compiling is notably easier as I can just replace the command in the tag bar, so is calling any other external commands. I especially like that I can jump directly to erroneous lines. Using the terminal itself is harder than in (let's say) Emacs because the win command is rather conservative in some ways. :-)

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