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Or Delphi, Lisp or C... it all depends on the task to solve!


If you want to learn to program, good to start in a language that's good for learning to program (felienne.com has quite some resources on that).
I'd agree with @tuxOr to try out different languages, not just depending on the task you want to solve, but also to broaden your point of view.


+1 on this. It all depends on the task to solve.

It might also depend on what you're trying to do. If you're trying to get a job on company (in your area) that uses Java (and you happen to like Java and the company) then go with Java. If you're trying to break into the consulting gig and there's lots of Kotlin jobs, then learn Kotlin ... substitute Kotlin and/or Java for whatever language applies. At the speed of how the tech world changes, I think there's certain advantage to being language agnostic. Each of these languages reached widespread adoption for a reason


While I was scrolling I was 99% sure you would have said something :D

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