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Discussion on: We believe in open-source, so why can't everyone code?

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Nothing is holding them back. :-) But I think we should stop assuming that everyone should be a developer.

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Debashis Dip

Agreed, At University as I am seeing right now most of the students rolling into software or CSE dept is because of the current glorified state of the computer industry. Some of them hate to learn new things and problem-solving as a whole. Thinking between changing the major or just hanging out as see where it goes.

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Evan Oman

Nothing is holding them back

Jonathan just pointed out two things holding people back:

The sad fact is there are people who are missing out on the opportunity to code because of the environment as-a-whole.

Not all people have the right circumstances to commit time to learning to code.

Or worse, people who make the effort to learn to code, only to be shut down by people who have this mindset of only certain types of people can code.

Prejudiced mindsets can easily discourage fledgling engineers.