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the magic trick which would take another post to explain

Here's a comment to save you another post:

  • ! executes a command and returns its result. This was adopted from Vim's predecessors, it already exists in ed (which begat em which begat en which begat ex which begat vi which was cloned as stevie which begat Vim, eventually).
  • tee splits the input (here: the contents of the buffer which is % in Vim's language) into an output file (redirected into the void, >/dev/null) and an output stream (returned).
  • write is the equivalent to :w.

Wouldn't /dev/zero be faster, by the way?


At least on my machine, /dev/zero and /dev/null are the same speed. Even if they were different, I doubt it would be enough to matter unless you were writing a really massive file.


hah - thanks :) It's just hardly understandable for beginners in this kind of short form - that's what I had in mind when I mentioned another post.

I didn't test the difference between the /dev/zero and /dev/null, but it shouldn't make a really big difference in this case. Cheers!

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