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Discussion on: 4 practices for better code

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getWET, getKISS. Ha!

One important thing missing here: Write good comments!

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Klaudia Author

Good point! I wholeheartedly agree 👍
But comments deserve their own article, there's so much to tell about commenting :)

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Chinmay Joshi

How about writing self-explanatory code instead?

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H (إتش ) • Edited

i disagree, comments usually lie .
See code get updated all the time but there is no restriction on comments so it can mislead you .
i think you better put all the effort in writing readable code and only use comments with

  1. license
  2. explaining an algorithm
  3. Generate documentation using JSdocs or whatever tool your are using .
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explaining an algorithm


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Jacob Birkett

I think he's saying don't add comments on every single line.

/// Gets the last item index used in the current state.
size_t getLastIndex() {
    // Returns the last index.
    return lastIndex;

The doc comment at the top of the function already says what the last line if the function body is, yet I see things like this all the time.