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I'd prefer an IRC channel. It seems to be the lowest common denominator - everything else is "Slack vs. Discord vs. Gitter vs. Mattermost".


We shouldn't consider any platform that doesn't offer a dark theme, though.



You can probably theme most IRC clients though.

What do you mean ew?

All chat platforms have light themes, but having a dark theme makes it inclusive for those of us who have more sensitive eyes that hurt if we spend the day looking at bright light screens. :P

Except if your eyes - like mine seem to - prefer weak light backgrounds because it's easier to read text on those.

I didn't mean it shouldn't have a light theme, I'm saying that it should have both.

Anyhow, we're waaay off topic.


Yea that could work as well. I would just say pretty much any thing that allows us to pretty much openly chat with one another live. And be able to host like different category’s like in discord.

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