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I have come to the conclusion that configurability is the death of productivity. If you spend the first week of a project tweaking your IDE, your IDE is obviously the wrong choice.

I have a sophisticated Emacs configuration stored in a VCS, but I find myself using Acme and sam more and more. Both have exactly zero configuration - because why? Sane defaults make your life so much easier.

I want to write code (and notes), not waste time choosing colors.


Most IDEs provide a function to import/export your settings. Tweaking your config for every project shouldn't happen that often.

I agree with your "sane defaults" statement. Their importance can't be understated, but they often get ignored, because "you can just change it".


To stick with the Emacs example: sometimes a new technology is added, and of course there is a new Emacs plugin for that...

You'll probably want a different configuration for HTML than for C++.

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