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I have had an internship position called “IT Attestation” for three months in a public accounting firm. Unfortunately I hated every second of it because it doesn’t provide any sort of technical growth or career development path. I got the returning offer that year, but ... nah, I politely rejected, and dashed out of the door when no one is looking 🤪

Two things in the internship that killed this path for me:

  • I built a very basic web page with a random number generator that suggests lunches for the team. That’s it; it took a day. My teammates were shocked: “ wow I know you study computer science but I didn’t you can do that!?”. They might be business-style nice to me or they really have no clue how less effort that is. I immediately know I have already reached the top of technical growth in the intern, sadly.
  • The director tried to convince me to accept the offer this way: “here you have the opportunity to learn what other companies’ technical systems; isn’t that fun and challenging? I came from an engineer background. If you choose an engineer path, all that you do is to sit there, take order and focus on one thing. Don’t you find it boring?” Nah, it was bitter. As a software engineer, I got so much to deal with nowadays, with all different teams, on multiple projects. The most critical difference is: in public accounting, yes you are learning all kinds of systems but you build nothing; in software engineering we are actually creating stuff to make others’ life a bit better each day.

Saying no was a super easy decision.

Frankly speaking, it was nice to dive into my accounting/finance friends’ world a little bit. I sort of understand how/why they need to talk, work, dress and perform in certain ways. This was also learning ;)

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