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My point is - simply solving a problem is good enough, when you're learning. Give yourself the credit where it's due. Solving any challenge, especially your first few is extremely satisfying. Cherish that feeling, feel proud!

I can't agree more.

In fact, I didn't even know the self-doubting feeling was called imposter syndrome until recently.

I felt bad at collage years ago all the time: I can never learn enough stuff to find my success, and look at all these smart nerds, they got it all, and I got nothing!

The truth is, I don't need to beat everyone to be successful. I only need to complete my own goals to win, one small step at a time. History:

  • I paid on codeschool.com (it was bought by pluralsight and no longer active on its own) to learn frontend stuff
  • I followed a few tutorials online to build my experiment project
  • I started a side hustle project with a friend, and I did most of the coding for the website for two months

The three steps above gave me a massive feeling of accomplishment. I gave myself tons of credits. My smart college friends must indeed be doing something else cool, but you know what, I got my own hustles now!


That's awesome! Super inspiring, love hearing about moments like this. Great work! Always striving to improve yourself, not comparing to the accomplishments of others. Thanks for sharing, got me pumped! 😄

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