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My Top 22 Chrome Extensions [Week 32/2020 in Review]

Thanks for sharing

πŸš€ Visualizing memory management in V8 Engine (JavaScript, NodeJS, Deno, WebAssembly)

Love reading this

Scheduler Design Help Needed

Awesome, I havenot did any commit on this project, but if i...

Scheduler Design Help Needed

I am creating an open-source project Thanks for being so re...

Scheduler Design Help Needed

I am a full-stack engineer, My Question is in terms of the ...

Quick tip: How to console.log in implicitly returned arrow functions

Thats nice share

How large is the production database πŸ€”

if you don't include an image, I guess 50GB

CouchDB, The Open-Source Cloud Firestore Alternative?

lots of love to this article, really awsome job man

Building Micro Frontends with React, Vue, and Single-spa


My take on dynamodb

worst part of dynamo db is you cant sort by key, seriously, w...

Showdev: We are building an online meeting app - Collabify πŸŽ‰πŸŽ¦πŸ–ΌπŸŽ­

cool app

Building a Graph in SQL Land

really nice article

What is your best advice for a junior software developer?

Learn the basic concept of javascript first instead of lear...

Background task requirement?

Is this post suitable for my requirement

Text editor fetishists, unite!

Webstorm for life

Setup macOS for Development

Using docker for development will be good instead of instal...

Developer Subscription Box

I can try it

Perfection is useless

It happens with me lot of time

Welcome Thread - v16

Hello, My name is Tushar, I am Full stack developer at KQED...