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Has someone tried an Rpi 4 Cluster?

frontendDev@Skriba | RaspberryPi | CasualGamer
・1 min read

Hi all!

Since the newest version has up to 4gb of RAM and the gigabit eth, has it sense to upgrade from a 5 rpi3 cluster to rpi4?

The main use would be docker development and testing, probably the greatest thing is that you can work in NFS storage with gigabit eth.

What do you think? Has it sense to spend money on this, or it is better to spend about twice in 3 Intel nuc boards?

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Dave Glover

Funny enough I've just published this article

It is absolutely awesome!

Cheers Dave

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Tusca Author

Oh dear, thanks! You'll also add the led hat! I'm waiting for the next parts