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Discussion on: 8 things to look for in your next hire instead of 10x engineers

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James Turner

Great list! Yeah, that original Twitter thread was a master class of how to be sarcastic in a way that nobody understands or, how I actually see it, just a terrible example of what a great developer should be.

I wrote an article about this myself though I like how your examples are from the perspective of looking for a new hire. In particular, this example:

Hire someone that sees the value of calling a meeting they won't enjoy to make sure they are building the right thing a bit later, instead of the wrong thing right away

I've been in many bad meetings but meetings/discussions/etc aren't inherently bad. Having a stigma that all meetings are bad and avoiding them definitely can trip up a team where real decisions need to be made.

Overall, a great list of things to look for in a new hire!

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