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re: What project have you worked on, that years later, you are still proud of? VIEW POST

re: After just a few months on my second job as a programmer (about 1 1/2 years after starting programming as a profession), I was hired on a new proje...

Sounds crazy! 200 projects is quite a lot! I think the most I've had is about 25 projects but most are fairly thin (eg. one project for models, one project for integration with X product etc).

Awesome work though, solving business problems and making a big mess into something manageable!


It was a lot of work, but I loved it!
And those were a lot of really small projects and even more unit tests for them.

So - yes, it was a big mess. They even managed to build circular references. But it was also a lot of fun... the team was great and even though I was the inexperienced person, I was kind of the team leader, since the project lead just let me do, what I thought was right. And he was very experienced, so whenever I had a question, I could go to him.

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