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Discussion on: Should behavioural changes be considered breaking changes under SemVer?

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James Turner Author

I was thinking about that too - technically if someone wrote some really bad consuming code that was doing tasks in parallel and now your update significantly speeds up one aspect which breaks how other things interact with it, arguably that is a breaking change.

Sure, it is a super unfair case for the developer who wrote the update but it really shows you how ambiguous the phrase "breaking change" is!

I think in the end, it is trying to follow the spirit of the change to say whether it is breaking or not. Changing the arguments of a public function, that is totally a breaking change. Changing the functional behaviour of a function (like my example in the post) is a breaking change. Fixing a bug where a null pointer exception is being thrown, that shouldn't be a breaking change. Improving performance shouldn't be a breaking change.

Next we find out that someone is dependent on the number of bytes used in the software and the update broke their workflow... I guess that would make sense in the 70s - 90s where memory size was a direct problem.

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