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Discussion on: The newly announced future of .NET - unifying all the things

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James Turner Author

Ahhhh, I see! I guess the reason I don't have as many issues with DevOps is simply because I haven't even used that functionality!

I'm also from the Jira world and if what you say is true, I can totally understand that being frustrating.

My experience with DevOps is more around repositories and pipelines. It is a bit fiddly testing pipeline configurations easily without constantly pushing commits of my YML file changes but various other little UI things have gotten better. Recently added self-hosted build agents which worked so smoothly too.

With build and release notifications though, I don't think I ever got one - I might have disabled that when I was setting up my account as so many things have frivolous default notifications enabled. I might need to pay more attention to what I am disabling!

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