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I was actually pretty keen to try CosmosDB for a major project of mine though it turns out that it isn't fully MongoDB compatible. While this particular command might not be called very often, it turns out you can't rename collections which unfortunately is part of the migration process for Hangfire, a piece of software I can't live without. There is a UserVoice item for it but it isn't considered in part of its roadmap.

Besides not being able to use Hangfire MongoDB with CosmosDB, I am somewhat concerned this isn't the only thing that is missing. Given I am using libraries on my end to abstract the raw Wire Protocol calls, I wouldn't even know if a specific command will or won't work till I run it. Not really a good place to be if I want to run a production environment on it with MongoDB.


I think it's reasonable to say that you can consider using the MongoDB product like Atlas on Azure if Cosmos DB doesn't fit your needs.

Best of luck!


Oh yeah, most definitely. Atlas on Azure is what I decided to go with instead.

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