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Discussion on: It’s okay to invent unusual things (lessons learned from the history of science)

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James Turner

Like in most things, there is a balance you want to achieve between pushing things forward and keeping things as they are. If every few months you come across a new process for something and keep replacing what you have, you don't actually progress further forward. I see this more of a problem in business than anything else as if something goes wrong/takes longer/ends up being a worse choice, you end up further back than when you started which you may need to explain to your boss or client.

That being said, you also have the opposite case where you stick with the exact same thing for years and years when there are better/faster/easier approaches. This can affect business just as much as you may no longer be competitive.

I think it comes down to being strategic, measuring problems and seeing if a solution to the problem is worth the time/effort whilst weighing any risks.

In the quotes you've provided from other people in your career though, those are straight up aggressive which don't help anyone. It is unfortunate that you (or whomever else that was on the receiving end) needed to hear that.

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Miloslav 🏳️‍🌈 🦋 Voloskov Author

Great point!

I was talking about feeling like inventing that particular thing is the right thing to do but being afraid of it just because it’s unusual

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