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Discussion on: What makes a 10x Developer?

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James Turner

I don't consider that someone can be 10x better/faster/more efficient at being a developer but I do agree that better developers generally share most of the traits you're referring to.

The only one I am a little more contentious on is the one about shortcuts. Sure, I wouldn't be anywhere without the cut/copy/paste/undo/redo etc type shortcuts but being an efficient and effective developer is less about how fast you type something. I'm thinking about what I am going to write more than I am spending the time writing it. If I was able to type or do some action even faster with less clicks, the improvement would be negligible in the grand scheme of things. If I could improve my speed in working out what I want to write next, then I'd probably have a larger efficiency improvement.

If just looking at it on an automation aspect where someone can turn a 30 minute task into a 30 second task, that totally is a trait of a good developer.

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Davide de Paolis Author

sure. that part is absolutely minimal. i just wanted to point out the speed at typing, debugging, using shortcuts, navigating through screens is also important and can be the trigger of self improvement, since it´s the easiest, quickest to learn and with more immediate impact) and because at the beginning it was one of the first thing i noticed of these magical devs. i was pair programming and ... bam almost i did not even have the time of seeing what they were doing :-)

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