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Discussion on: You don’t need to quit your job to make

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James Turner

Now you tell me! I literally quit my job yesterday... πŸ˜‚

You are right though, you definitely do not need to quit your job to be defined as an entrepreneur and while some risk is good, risk is still risk and you don't want to be naive when deciding what risk you are willing to take.

For me, I had been working on my product for a few years in my spare time, so doing 40hrs of programming at my job to do another 20-30 hours of programming for my product during the week - probably nearly to the point of burnout. Now that I have left, I can dedicate all my time into building my product.

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Steph Smith Author • Edited

Haha someone else had the same reaction when they read it πŸ˜…(

Thank you though! I think that's the main takeaway - you don't need to live a narrative just because everyone else says so.

If you have legitimate reason to want to quit your job for better things, that's totally fine as well.

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