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Discussion on: Why did you pick that name?

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James Turner Author

Cool! Mind sharing a bit of background about the 4 proposals? Were these just random names themselves? Did they have some connection to the library or maybe some inside joke?

And of course, what was the final name that was assembled from the 4 proposals?

(I understand if you can't share details if it is proprietary or not yet launched etc)

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Thomas Junkツ • Edited

The delicate part is: Although I work in FOSS and our company runs on 100% open source, some parts of software we develop can not be opened or made somehow public - but most things are.

In this case it is about a project funded by the European Social Fund, where we were a subcontractor down the chain. The parts belonging the ESF are made open source but some other parts belonging our contractor, I am not able to talk about.

Only that the library's name has EU in it. Which makes of course sense. 😊

The 4 proposals were for themselves fully qualified product names. But most of them rather clumsy and hard to remember. We came up with a much shorter one.

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