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Discussion on: I got a Bachelor of IT at 18, ask me anything!

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James Turner Ask Me Anything

My degree began when I was 15 (a 3 year degree). That being said, I've known what I wanted to do from a really young age.

In kindergarten, I first saw a computer and was fascinated by it and how it worked. We didn't have a computer at home (and didn't for many years later) but I knew my future needed to involve computers.

Around Year 5/6, I first learnt a little HTML. At that point, I was already pulling apart computers etc but I knew I wanted to do programming.

I know I'm pretty fortunate to have such strong idea of what I wanted to do. I knew a number of people that started one degree to only change part way through. I feel like what might be the problem is that there is so much emphasis on how important the decision is which kinda clouds what we are passionate about.

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