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Discussion on: I got a Bachelor of IT at 18, ask me anything!

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James Turner Ask Me Anything • Edited

The best advice really depends what your goals. Do you want work for a specific company or starting your own business? Is your personal project something you want to grow into something bigger? Planning on launching it publicly?

You are right about degrees having its own worth. There are plenty of places that still need to see that you have a degree. Whether that is right or wrong is its own discussion.

What I would do is work backwards from your goal to identify the best way to get there. If it is working at a specific company, what types of requirements and experience are they looking for? Does your degree cover those aspects?

If your goal is primarily around running your own business, does your degree help you get there? Answering that can be a little abstract too - perhaps your business needs to do seed funding and they may value that you have completed a degree.

Without looking at what your goals are, I would probably look at time already spent and diminishing returns. If you only need another 6-12 months of study, I'd personally go for it as you've already invested 3+ years of your time. If you need longer than that, you then need to weigh up how much that degree is worth versus your continued time.

Now not thinking about how others perceive a degree, what more do you feel you can get out of the degree? Do you feel that continued study is worth the additional time?

On the other side, you do need to think about yourself personally too. Getting a degree might be great but you don't want to burn yourself out working multiple jobs to do it.

Another option could be to delay the degree a bit longer if possible. Keep working like you are to resolve your financial difficulties and keep working on your project. Once you are in a place where things are more stable, you could potential look at picking up the degree again.

Hopefully that helps!

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Muhammad Arslan Aslam

Yes. It absolutely does 😍

About my goals, I do dream, like many of the other developers, of working at a big tech firm and learning how things work on a large scale. But that's not much of a goal here.

The real goal is to start something of my own. The Personal Project is definitely something that I am expecting to be the first step towards my goal.

About whether the degree would help me reach my goal or not, it will be helpful definitely, but I am not sure how much! The thing you said about raising seed funding is correct also, so degree would definitely help with that. But I am intending on studying further. I believe education doesn't just get you a job, but also makes you a better person (not sure how a degree in IT would do that but... )

When I freeze my studies two years ago, that was the plan, to resolve the financials difficulties and then start again! But that never worked out.
Not that I am still on the same salary package or still facing the financials difficulties. It's just now I have a lot of my personal expenses (most of them are unnecessary).

What I am planning on doing is that I should resign from the full time job as it is in the day time and I can't go to University if I keep that one and continue the part time one. That would help with the expenses and I'll be able to keep my concentration on the degree as well!

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