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Discussion on: Building a flat website with ASP.NET Core

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James Turner Author

Thanks! Since writing this post, I've actually moved from a flat/static website to a full ASP.NET Core site running Razor Pages but the UI is basically the same as I originally had it.

The more people working on .NET the better in my opinion - I think it is a great platform to build on with lots of resources available.

Microsoft has an extremely short walk through of getting the basics up an running:
It uses Razor Pages (my preferred technology for ASP.NET Core sites compared to more traditional MVC). There is a great site for Razor Pages information which I've referenced a lot in working on Razor Pages:
Further tutorials for Razor Pages here:

Once you want to start dabbling in more custom configuration of the site, the series of docs here would help:

Finally, the same site has docs about database access and security/authentication. With that, you'll have a solid foundation in ASP.NET Core.

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Krishnan Sriram

Would you not go Blazor route, as opposed to Razor. From the little I read, Blazor includes Razor, but has more too. Any thoughts?

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James Turner Author • Edited

Blazor is a very interesting technology though personally, I'm not yet moving towards it. My ideal scenario with something like Blazor is having it do client-side validation where I'd normally have JavaScript and have normal Razor Pages behind it. (Basically for me, I don't want Blazor per-se but I want client-side C#)

Currently with Blazor, it seems the idea isn't to gel with Razor Pages but be its own thing. There is a server-side component and a client-side component (WASM). The server-side one seems strange to me (to be honest) but is currently available for use. The client-side one is still under development as far as I know.

I'd say it is definitely worth knowing more about and keeping an eye on. If you like working on cutting edge, definitely mess around with it.

EDIT: To clarify something - so Blazor uses Razor but itself is its own thing. Razor is the syntax. When I say Razor Pages, that is its own thing that also uses Razor syntax.