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James Turner

I think Razor Pages are an improvement to the general MVC architecture - it allows for a better separation without feeling like I have dozens of files representing a basic action. Currently use it across 3 sites of mine and a web application I am developing - so far so good!

What's your thoughts on Blazor like so far?

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TheOnlyBeardedBeast Author

I really like it, currently I am working on my million dollar idea :D feels solid, but the tooling feels a bit slowly developed, vs code for some reason doesn't like blazor files, and linting is not that good, visual studio handles it better. I use a library called blazor styled which helps a lot, but no style highlighting inside. And the rebuild takes too much time, if I compare it to a React app development, but I like c# I like how you write components, renderfragments cascadingvalues to share a context of a parental component to its descendants.

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