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Pascal Lamers • Edited

Hej ! My name is Pascal - you can call me Pasi ! I don't remember how exactly I found this DEV community, but I'm glad I did.

I started to actively self-learn and use code about 4 years ago when it finally made 'click' , during a job I started at back then (Fair to say I already collected lots of experience with HTML/CSS and yes, ActionScript, when I was ... 13 ? - but haven't started to actively "learn" how to code).

A year ago I was offered a new position within the same company which would involve mostly "code" and gave me the freedom to continue learning and using what I am interested in. My position now pivots on 'data automation' , 'software dev' and 'live graphics' in the area of live media/broadcast and streaming.

Currently I am learning C++ since one of my biggest dreams is to create my own video game. Hopefully this community can continue to motivate me on doing so.

Great to meet you everyone !