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Discussion on: Node vs PHP

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Tshivhula Tshilidzi

The question is not clear since you comparing two different things. Assuming you comparing PHP and Javascript. I prefer working with Javascript just because I think it's best to write in one language because in most cases you end up writing Javascript anyway. Php itself is still a solid language!!!

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Aleksey Razbakov Author

Let's say you need to write a newsletter system that would send email to 1k users weekly. Would you write this script in Javascript or PHP? Would you use any framework for that? What would your cronjob look like?

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I do something like that from firebase using AWS-SES with a nodejs cloud function (like lamda in AWS). I don't use the cloud scheduler for it, but that certainly could be done.

Similar logic lives in other functions that use pubsub for transactional emails and alerts.

The farther I can get away from email tasks and servers, the better. 1,000 emails is $0.10.