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Using DJL.AI For Deep Learning BERT Q&A in NiFi DataFlows

tspannhw profile image Timothy Spann Originally published at on ・2 min read

Using DJL.AI For Deep Learning BERT Q&A in NiFi DataFlows


I will be talking about this processor at Apache Con @ Home 2020 in my "Apache Deep Learning 301" talk with Dr. Ian Brooks.

Sometimes you want your Deep Learning Easy and in Java, so let's do that with DJL in a custom Apache NiFi processor running in CDP Data Hubs. This one does BERT QA.

To use the processor feed in a paragraph to analyze via the paragraph parameter in the NiFi processor. Also feed in a question, like Why? or something very specific like asking the date or an event.

The pretrained model is BERT QA model using PyTorch. the NiFi Processor Source:

Grab the Recent Release NAR to install to your NiFi lib directories:

Example Run

Demo Data Source


Deep Learning Note:



Make sure you have 1-2 GB of RAM extra for your NiFi instance for running each DJL processor. If you have a lot of text, run more nodes and/or RAM. Make sure you have at least 8 cores per Deep Learning process. I prefer JDK 11 for this.

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