re: Can you suggest me Free productivity tools? VIEW POST

re: As I dig into it more it seems like it. I had just remembered they released a free personal version.

For team purposes (for my developer job in a company), I haven't used a lot of tools. I have used Asana, Taïga, ToDo.
But since I am an entrepreneur I like to keep things simple (which, for me, is the key to productivity).
Now, I only use cross-platform tools because I have to work on my MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Ipad, and phone. So I like to keep it simple and to be able to access anything from anywhere.
I wasn't wanted to have my personal stuff on an app and Professional on another. The good thing with Notion is that you can separate everything in sub-pages and spaces.
So I have both on the same app which is cross-platform (that's dope).

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