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How to protect from IT Massive Layoff 2023 !!

Before we pitch into Layoff 2023.. copy this link in your edge browser and hit enter -

Study all the articles and watch the videos that talks about layoff2023..Now continue reading here.

As you saw in the above link's contents USA Tech giants are firing employees, Including CEOs.

What is the root cause ? Its Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum computing and Automation tools.

If you did study something new in the past three years on daily basis then even if you are fired you will find a new job else you have to study and then find a new job.

What is safe to do ? and What is not safe to do ?

Safe : To work in a service based organization and to adapt a trending domain like Cloud Computing, Data Science, Python, RPA, Golang and few other current trending techs.

Not Safe : To switch job for a better pay, To hinder the ways for automation projects or not taking risk to find automation projects. If you aren't in a trending domain but working in a product based organization. To establish technology focused startups.

The day you use laptop/Desktop for your living/bread means you fall under IT technology corporate world. IT is everywhere it's now even in agriculture in the form of IOT(Internet of things)

Artificial Intelligence is replacing many IT work force jobs including HR Administration.

The server patching of 4000+ servers done manually by a team is done by one person using Ansible(Devops tool) nowadays.

You have few ways to stay safe now.

  1. Adapt any one trending technology.
  2. Use the free resources available over internet and try to do hands on practice. Get your hands dirty.
  3. Try to analyze what are the new technologies or tools that would be a risk factor for your job and procure them too.
  4. Be it any field or domain adapt one certification or clear some exams and get some score cards to fill up your resume.
  5. Be active in Linkedin for at least 1 hour a day and follow the Technology Leaders. Linkedin is the best place to learn or to promote your business.
  6. You touch a laptop/desktop then you must keep learning till your retirement else one day you will be forcibly sacked.

When you read a blog, article you eventually learn something because.. He/She life experience is imprinted in them.

All the best, God Bless (Be it any) !!

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