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How I passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (CLF-C01)



My journey with Amazon Web Services began in June 2021 where I enrolled for the AWS DevOps Course on Udacity. As a beginner in cloud computing, the course was so hard. I felt like I wasn't really good at Information Technology, but then I discovered that I lacked the fundamentals.

Preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam gave me a vast knowledge of cloud computing concepts and AWS services. With these fundamentals, you are ready to begin preparation for an associate-level certification.

The cost of the exam is 100 USD. Fortunately, I took the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam free of charge through the AWS Certified – Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge.

Resources and Tips

1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training 2020 - Full Course

This course is available on freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel. The course instructor, Andrew Brown covered basic cloud concepts and AWS services and resources. It is a 3 hours course and I completed it in a day with a playback speed of 1.5x.

Recently, Andrew Brown released another course on the same platform specifically for the same exam. The course duration is 13 hours! The course is up-to-date and more comprehensive than the previous course.

2. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

This course is available on Coursera. You can audit it (take the course for free). It is a 7 weeks course but I completed it in 2 days.
Review this course a day to the exam. It will help.

3. AWS practice exam

This gave me a good overview and experience of how the exam will be. The price for a practice exam is 20 USD.

If you are new to cloud computing, the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is the best way to start your career.

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