My comment was marked as violating code of conduct. Why?

Pavel Gurkov on March 12, 2019

How can I find out the reason? Who do I ask? How do I find one to ask? I'm really curious.
Ideally, I'd like to have the ability to talk to the person that decided so. Their identity is not important.

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You have the Contact link in the footer of the left-side bar, from which you can communicate with's staff.


Thank you!
I would expect something on the itself, but that's a start.

I hate code of conduct, it is not netiquette but arbitrary rules that usually are one side.

Anyways, my defense against it is: (and I still follow those crap rules).

  • I don't care about the sexuality, religion, country, race or how other people feel or believe because it HAS NOT RELATION WITH PROGRAMMING.

  • But I am a capitalist (and a professional), if you want to care, then pay. :-3

  • You can't please everybody, it is impossible.

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