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Weekly Microsoft Teams tip #3: Send mail to channel

In your daily work you probably use a variety of communication channels. When using Microsoft Teams it can be helpful to easily share incoming emails with the rest of your team members. This weeks tip will show you how you can send an email to a channel.

Microsoft Teams provides the option to retrieve the email address for a channel. You can do this by clicking on the three dots next to the channel in question and select the option: Get email address.
Get email address

This will display a popup containing the email address specific for the selected channel:
Copy email address

Tip: via the advanced settings in the popup you can configure which senders will be accepted and are allowed to post to the channel. Options include anyone, members only or only from specific domains.

After sending the mail to the channels email address, the message and it's content will be shown inside the channel and available for everyone who is part of the Team. Options such as the urgency are nicely transmitted from email to channel:

Mail received in the channel

Hope this helps.

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