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How essential is a real-time messaging API for App and websites?

Messaging app is a chat application that allows users to interact and take conversation through online platforms by using various networks. Real-time chat communication enables the conversation as normal and formal conversation via texting, voice call, file sharing, video call, and other ways. Real-time chat communication is quick, responsive, and allows several participants to take conversation seamlessly.

The mode of conversation on messing apps is different and advanced than mail, Fax, and other previous texting channels, which are limited in characters, and there is no chance of read recipient until getting a reply from the other end. Chat on messaging apps is easy and simple. The need for message and receiver format on messaging apps, which is typical on communication also real-time chat applications allow uploading large files, live conversation, Unlike mail communication.

Real-time chat apps have many use cases where people can use it for 1:1 communication and group conversations. Various businesses and other organizations can use it for internal and external communication such as customer or client services.

Due to the demand for messaging apps in the market, many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram included audio /video calls and live streaming features. Other popular platforms such as clubhouse, Twitter have been upgrading features and improving user experience to provide better customer service and reach new customers. Business organizations are showing interest in messaging applications that provide chat APIs to add to their business applications and websites. Messaging app has become an unavoidable communication tool for all organizations.

To integrate a real-time chat feature on websites and mobile applications you need a real-time chat API.
Messing APIs are usually offered by third-party developers and adopted by any user who intended to improve the communication channel for business.

Messaging API allows developers to implement various communication technologies with simple and defined or written language. Any intended organization or business user can integrate APIs and SDKs into their websites and application without developing the chat application from scratch. Integration of API into websites is easy and fast.

Ease business communication and improving business productivity with real-time Chat API!

> Real-Time & Live Conversations
Chat APIs allow various service and business-based companies to take real-time conversations with customers and customers for a better experience can go through the text, video, audio, voice conversation from both ends.

> Quick Response
Unlike SMS, mail, and Fax messing app, features are quick and on-time responsive. Features such as read recipient, respond later shall be a better way for conversation.

> Group Conversation
Based on project and business needs, the company can create group-based like-minded customers or employees to work on the project.

> Personal and Private customer experience
On messaging apps, all the customers can have a separate chat window for long conversations that are protective and unique based on purchase and business.

> Well sorted chat history
Messaging apps have “search” and “filter” features that allow the user to check and read chat history, "filter" enables to access the type of files such as image, voice, text, and link to read the history.

> Customer Feedback
The feedback system is an essential feature for many customer-based and eCommerce businesses. It gives valuable information regarding future needs and to know the user experience.

> Customer Aid
Chat Bots enable the live conversation with the customer, both can interact via various device. Use the real-time APIs in your Banking, E-commerce, Support assistance and other web and mobile apps to engage your customers 24/7.

> Secured
Chats are secured by various protocols and systems such as password, multilevel authentications. An application like “Comet chat” have has encrypted channels that protect the privacy and security of users at both ends.

> On-premise
APIs and SDKs can be installed in various on-premise solutions, such as SaaS and cloud services. Integrating chat API into various platforms which are working on SaaS, Cloud and self-hosted services would ease of doing the business.


Any industry such as food delivery, eCommerce, hospitals, IT solutions, rail, air, bus transport industries, banking, educational institutions, and others can integrate chat API into their websites and mobile application

Along with the information technology, business process moving forward in its best in time, the organizations trying to reach such a level and to do better for business progress, spending more interest and investment on automation. Automation in the communication industry shall be a booster for various businesses and the real-time chat APIs would help them perform better.

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