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In general I feel like adding steps to get to content is a bad idea. This is similar to image carousels. Some people feel like it makes contact more "compact" and easy to digest. This is true to some degree, but they also obfuscate the content and make it harder for users to find stuff.

A little brevity goes a long way to fix the negative side effects of hamburger menus.

That being said, they are a sort of standard and most people expect them now, but there are things that I can think of that would help:

  • Again, brevity. As few items in a menu as possible. Things like a contact form could be moved to the footer (or just above the footer). We can try to make the most of pages to reduce the number of pages that we need.
  • Avoid nested drop-down menus and put our menu in plain at the top of the page. Again, brevity goes a long way.
  • If we really need a collapsing menu for really small resolutions, use the word "menu" for those edge cases where the hamburger is ambiguous.
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