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Đang làm việc tại công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn một thành viên Techbike Việt Nam

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I built a clone from scratch (including the API!) 👨‍💻🥳

Perfect. I know you are lost 2 month to finish this project.I...

ReactJS Virtual DOM and Reconciliation - Explain Like I'm Five

Nice post, it make me more understood about VDOM

How many way to find max number in array on Javascript.

Do you think about this way: array.sort()[0]

Why I Stopped Interviewing with Companies That Require a Coding Test

perfect article

Reasons Why Developers are Shifting Towards ReactJS Instead of Angular

One more thing. AngularJS not compatible with angular, it mak...

React Architecture for Enterprise Application

Can you share this example to git? as a headless CMS

I had build a community by inspired from, check it ou...

Introduction to React.memo, useMemo and useCallback

Hi Huy, Do you think about React.memo must used together with...

Are you on TikTok?

im just watch tiktok, it has many content good idea!

Testing JavaScript with Jest - Unit Testing

Thank author, it help me.

What was your win this week?

i agree

React 18 Alpha is out! Now what?

Thank again

Full Stack Developer's Roadmap 🗺

I agree

Typescript vs Javascript : Which one should you use for your next project ?

Sometine i dont know type of data so i will set any, anyone l...

Delete Node Modules like a PRO 😎

Right mouse and choose delete :D

10 UI Frameworks for your Next React Project

Wow. Antd isn't here

Top 10 Websites for Developers

i think must have in this list :D

✨♻️ JavaScript Visualized: Event Loop

Nice, thank for you <3