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Hi Kurt.

Origin and Upstream are naming conventions when working with remote repositories

It's common to push to origin and pull from upstream

  • Imagine you are dev 1
  • Then you would register your fork as the 'origin'
git add origin
git commit -m 'my commit'
git push origin
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  • And you would register the owners repos as 'upstream' to pull down changes
git add upstream 
git stash
git pull upstream
git stash pop
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Regarding the dots - each color represents a separate repos/branch combination

E.g. for the owner repos

  • Dot 1 (red): owner/my_code/master
  • Dot 2 (green): pull request from dev_1/my_code/feature to owner/my_code/master
  • Dit 3 (red): owner/my_code/master