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Discussion on: New Website

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I think then you made a solid choice using Wordpress. You should be aware of some stumbling blocks tho.

Give PageSpeed Insights a try, it will outline the most common improvements to you. That's probably also better than any hint I can give you.

Apart from that, my subjective suggestions for you would be:

  • On the home page, upper right, replace 'Recent Posts' with 'Featured posts'
  • Also, put 'Categories' right under it, followed by 'Stay in touch'
  • If possible, add the 'Home' widget in which you explain your blog further to the dedicated 'About' Page
  • Inside a post, remove the sidebar and make your content fullscreen (that's the most important thing for a reader)
  • Also, I understand you might want to use Google for Analytics to see your website's traffic. Frankly speaking, I am no friend of that. It's interesting for you to see the different conversions happening on your website, but then again, it comes with some responsibilities.

This is especially true for users from Europe. Running a server for german users, for instance, requires you to follow some rules on european and german regulations.

I hope this helped you out a bit, good luck on your journey