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Discussion on: How do you stay productive?

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I'm going for the pomodoro technique. 25 mins of focussed work, 5 minutes break with a selfmade webapp. I used pomodoro-logger before:

Active procastrination also works pretty well, if you've got a thing to do you don't like, try and do smth else you don't like. works wonders sometimes.

last but not least, habits are key. I theme my days. Nothing fancy, but this might give you an idea:

  • Get connected Monday (Focus on communication, networking, teaching & learning w/ team)
  • Schedule Tuesday (Wipe by todo-list clean, focus on planning & conceptualizing)
  • Get-Things-Done - Wednessday (Pretty self explaining)
  • Catch-Up Thursday (Focus to handle open issues from past periods, housekeeping, etc)
  • Retrospective Friday (Take an hour to write about the stuff that happened during the week.See if it's aligned to long-term goals)
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Alex Georgiev Author

That is really interesting and also sounds quite productive. I'll try to implement some of these in my daily/weekly routine. Thanks for sharing this with us!