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thanks Christian !

I got some error when apply for the pod.yaml

$ kubectl apply -f pod.yaml 
error: error when retrieving current configuration of:
Resource: "/v1, Resource=pods", GroupVersionKind: "/v1, Kind=Pod"
Name: "", Namespace: "default"
Object: &{map["apiVersion":"v1" "kind":"Pod" "metadata":map["annotations":map["":""] "labels":map["app":"helloworld"] "namespace":"default"] "spec":map["containers":[map["image":"christianhxc/helloworld:1.0" "name":"helloworld" "ports":[map["containerPort":'P']] "resources":map["limits":map["cpu":"100m"] "requests":map["cpu":"50m"]]]]]]}
from server for: "pod.yaml": resource name may not be empty

and search the solution
if someone met the same error like , hope it helps :)

make sure add the value and the problem will be solved


thanks Hannah! I've updated the post.

Depending on the Kubernetes version, some tags are required, and others aren't.

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